These are lithium soap Multipurpose greases possessing excellent water resistence properties, high oxidation stability, structural stability with anti-rust and anti corrosion properties.

All industrial grease applications for plain and anti friction bearings,

Range of greases includes:

  1. Multipurpose greases
  2. Extreme pressure greases
  3. Molybdenum greases
  4. Long Life greases
  5. High temperature greases
  6. Eco friendly/Bio degradable greases

Range of oils include

  1. Synthetic cold rolling oils
  2. Rust preventive oils
  3. Hydraulic oils
  4. Industrial gear oils
  5. Automotive gear oils
  6. Fil bearing oils
  7. Compressor oils
  8. High demulsibility oils
  9. Automotive crank case oils
  10. Auto transmission oils
  11. Compounded oils
  12. Fire resistant Hydraulic Fluids