These are a range of highly refined transparent, inactive cutting oils with extreme pressure properties. These cutting oils are specially developed for wide range of machining operations. They are blended from highly refined high viscosity index mineral oils and carefully selected additives.


These oils are used for machining yellow metals. Suitable for less severe classes of machining on ferrous metals and are excellent for automatic lathes, screw cuttingmachines etc.

MAK NORCAM 22 has special chlorinated EP additives and is designed as multipurpose neat cutting oil.

NORCAM C is approved by DGQA meeting ZX-6 requirements.

MAK NORCAM E & G oils are recommended for use in wide range of machining operations on medium machinability metals and also for severe operations on certain highly machinable.

Performance Benefits

  1. MAK NORCAM E & G are blended with a combination of specially selected extreme pressure additive which provides excellent protection over wide range of load, speed and operating temperatures
  2. Being lighter in colour, these oils enable better visibility to the operator
  3. Oiliness additives improve the surface adherence properties

Performance Level

  1. Proprietary grade
Characteristics IS     1448 Typical Figures
    B C E G 22
Appearance ---- Clear Fluid Clear Fluid Clear Fluid Clear Fluid Clear Fluid
Density at 15° C P:16 0.9096 0.9091 0.8640 0.8781 0.9194
K.V at 40° C, cSt P:25 20.1 34.7 13.33 32 21.54
Copper Corrosion  at 100°C for 3 hrs. P:15 1b 1b 1a 1a 1b
Flash Point, (COC), °C P:69 160 170 180 226 170