About Us

Company at a Glance:

Today Eastern Petro Chem Enterprise manufactures and distributes a wide range of high-end lubricating Oil and specialty Wax for the industrial sectors in India and abroad. Eastern Petro Chem features all the Top Brands Bharat Petroleum, Caltex, Hindustan Petroleum, Power Oil, Indian Oil, Assam Oil, WITCO (USA), SASOL (GERMANY), etc.  Unique, custom blends for specialized needs are also developed in whatever quantities needed. The world class performance of Eastern Petro Chem products along with its best process know-how has helped to establish some of the most successful brands. These are the brands, built on relationship of quantity service and trust that provide the motivation for further innovation and technical excellence at Eastern Petro Chem Enterprise.

A fully equipped company of fine quality lubricating Oil and specialty Wax products is strategically manufactured for the emerging markets of India, South Asia, Africa, Far east as well as the Middle East. Professionally managed and technically qualified entrepreneurs’ intent on providing succession following the growing demand as a result of the product excellence.

•   Communicating customer requirements throughout the organization.

•   Establishing and reviewing demanding quality & environmental objectives and targets.

•   Communicating and explaining Quality & Environmental Policy to all employees.

•   Prevention of pollution and minimization of waste.

•   Reviewing Quality & Environmental Policy for continuing suitability and making it available to interested parties/public on demand.

•   We are in the service of world best known Oil companies for last over four decades and the list of our esteemed customers include the big names of the industry.

•   The Company is managed by highly qualified technical personnel having very large experience in Industrial Lubricating Oil industry.


Mission & Vision:

To stretch our wings to reach out to international markets to produce quality lubricants and oils that can be used safely, to increase our presence in the global market.

To be the Dominant manufacturing and distributor Company with significant National & International presence, integrated to lubricant and other petroleum products."

To achieve international standard in all aspects of lubricating oil with focus on customer delight through value of its products and services and responsible environmental performance. To cultivate high standard of business ethics and quality and environmental management.


Quality & Environmental Objectives:

Eastern Petro Chem Enterprise is engaged in Manufacturing and Distributing of Industrial and specialty Lubricating Oil and Waxes. It is fully committed to achieve customer satisfaction, continual improvement and legislative/ regulatory compliance through effective implementation of Quality & Environmental management Systems. We shall achieve this by:

•   To maintain consistency in quality of products.

•   To ensure that our product have all attributes of quality i.e. fitness for use, reliability & performance besides safety as per customer's specifications.

•   To provide safe and clean working environment.

•   The process is subjected to continuous quality improvement.

•   To fulfill monthly production plan of our customer.

•   To maintain zero rejection rates by customer.

•   Prevention of pollution by preventive maintenance and control of Processes.

•   Compliance with applicable statuary and regulatory requirements.


Management Team :

The Chowdhury family has been in Industrial Lubricating Oil & Wax business for a long time. The seed of the tree called Eastern Petro Chem Enterprise was sown more than Three decades ago by Mr. Pradip Chowdhury, an honest and trustworthy person, whose relentless efforts have made today's Eastern Petro Chem Enterprise a name synonym to "Quality". The company has achieved several milestones and taken the company to unprecedented heights under the guidance of him. Joining him in his endeavor is his determined and diligent daughter Ms. Moumita Chowdhury. After completing her education from Australia and gaining work exposure from the Corporate World (both in India and abroad), she decided to join the family business. Moumita’s vision and enthusiasm promises to broaden the horizons for Eastern Petro Chem Enterprise.